About Us

Alhamra Enterprise’s mission is to bring internationally renowned Islamic scholars and motivational speakers to the North American audience. Our vision is to create a collaborative partnership with our clients to facilitate speaking arrangements for community events and programs.

Alhamra’s inception was prompted by a single question: “How quickly and easily can my organization book a speaker for its event?”  Launched in 2014, the company maintains a steady and diverse clientele comprised of Islamic centers and organizations in North America, and continues to expand.

Alhamra has a dual operating model, both as a service company that offers its clients a single platform to book a speaker for their events, and as a scheduling agent for the speaker. Our speakers are highly sought after for a wide variety of events, including symposiums, seminars, fundraisers, community lectures, and interfaith forums.

Our speaker network is comprised of North America’s most distinguished and influential scholars and personalities. To strengthen our mission and to better serve the growing interest of our clients, we continue to diversify and expand our selection of speakers within our network.